Are you ready to stop thinking about painting and finally learn how to do it?  Even if you never picked up a paintbrush before!  

And without putting your art supplies away in frustration! 

Only $27/mo USD
That's Less Than A Dollar A Day!

If you've been trying to figure out how to get started in acrylic painting or improve upon your techniques,  then you probably already know that trying to find everything in one place can be SO time consuming and frustrating!

But...what if you could have an experienced artist in your pocket who was there for you every step of the way?

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're tired of putting yourself on the back burner, and you're ready to unleash your inner artist.  

  • You're looking for a way to fill your time, reduce your stress, and use your creativity to drown out life's challenges.

  • You have no idea where or how to start, and you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

  • You don't have the patience to search the web aimlessly for hours at a time, or jump from one virtual instructor to the next. 

  • Sometimes you feel all alone, and crave a community where you can be surrounded by like-minded creatives, in the same stage as you, without ever feeling intimidated. 

  • No one understands your urge to be creative, and you feel alone on your journey, and you're constantly discouraged.
  •  Bottom line is, you really want to learn how to paint, and wish you had someone to give you step by step directions, who will be there for you when you run into trouble so you can keep moving forward...that's exactly where I come in! 

Only $27/mo USD


For A Moment...

  •  Your search is over, and you're about to embark on your creative painting journey.  
  • You found a place that feels like home, where you can learn at your own pace, as you develop your own unique style.
  • You don't need to know how to draw in order to paint!  So many of my students are afraid because they don't know how to draw a stick figure.  Guess what?  I didn't either when I first started, and I'm still not that crazy about it.  
  • You'll become part of a community, a sisterhood, of non-judgmental, creative people like yourself, where you can freely ask for help, and also be proud to share your progress.  You're no longer doing it alone.
  • No more guessing what brushes, paints or supplies you'll need. No more trying to find things out on your own, including what to paint.    
  • Whether you're brand new to painting, or have experience, there's always SOMETHING NEW TO DISCOVER.
  • You'll have the ability to get your questions answered, including during my regular LIVEs within the community. 
  • You're no longer nervous or frustrated at the thought of creating your own painting from scratch.
  • You're proud of your art, and look forward to your next creation.
  • You now have a PASSIONATE, DEDICATED ARTIST in your pocket who will support you every single step of the way!

Only $27/mo USD
That's Less Than A Dollar A Day!


A community dedicated to helping you learn to paint while enjoying the benefits painting can bring to your life!

What Makes This Club So Unique?

I am SO glad you asked! 
First,  I've already taught thousands how to paint.  Remember,  you're getting an award-winning artist with 22 years of experience to help you!  I started out self-taught, and had to navigate it all on my own.  So I'm very aware of how I felt when I was struggling, alone, with no one to turn to.  I want to make your experience the total opposite of that!  I am always here for you; there aren't hundreds of members yet, so I'm able to give such personalized attention.  

My laid back approach will put you at ease, and you'll be making progress like you never thought possible.

Next, you have INSTANT ACCESS to the SCORES of prior trainings that are already in our library. Learn to Paint Painting Club not only has new video tutorials being added to the library SEVERAL TIMES a month, but I also provide weekly LIVE & interactive Q&A and art sessions.  

If you're a newbie, there's a whole Getting Started section taking you step by step if you've never painted before.  If you're not new to painting, you can just skip right over it!

As an ADDED BONUS, any individual tutorials I sell to the public are here for you at no extra charge!!   
These trainings alone are worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  

You'll Learn...

  • What basic supplies you need to get started, so that you don't go out and waste money on unnecessary paints and brushes. 

  • Easy, step by step methods showing you how to pour out paints on your palette, how to load your brush, how to clean your brush, and how to care for your brushes so they will last you for years to come.
  • How to mix colors so that you can get started with a minimal amount of paint, and don't have to run and buy new colors. 
  • How to work with acrylics so that you can easily blend them, and not have them dry out as you're painting.   
  • My tips and tricks for painting in a loose, impressionistic style, without any drawing or sketching.
  • How to paint from a greeting card or photo reference, and how to transfer an image to your surface. 
  • How to prepare, prime and paint many different surfaces.
  • How to create mixed media art.
  • Technique tutorials, as well as painting projects that take you from start to finish.  You get the best of both worlds all in one place.
  • Bonus lessons such as painting on cotton fabric, painting on silk, painting on glass, painting ornaments, and more.

  • Most of all, you'll learn why having an  EXPERIENCED, PASSIONATE ARTIST IN YOUR POCKET is the invaluable resource you have been searching for!

Check out what our community is saying!

I have been part of Debbie's painting group since the beginning. It's like being among a group of girlfriends.  Relaxing and enjoyable.  And it is so convenient! I can paint in my pajamas if I want to.  Debbie has a way of teaching anyone, from a beginner to an experienced artist.  There is no pressure.  Her instruction is easy to follow and you learn at your own pace.  I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from such a talented lady!  You are going to love it too!!
LyNae Steele

My daughter and I love watching and painting with you.  It relaxes us so much!  You are doing such a great job with this platform and I just wanted to tell you that.  Having lost my husband and father recently has been overwhelming for us, but I have all of my painting out and available daily.  You are so inspiring and calm at moments that I can't even wrap my head around.  Please keep doing what you're doing.  It's wonderful ... I love it.

I honestly have difficulty putting into words how your artistic talent just blows my mind - truly it does!  As an instructor I love how you break down each different painting stroke into easy manageable steps for beginners and novices.  Your calm voice and demeanor immediately puts me at ease......ready to paint right along with you!
Sherri Clark
Art by Sherri Clark

You are so much cheaper than therapy!  As a nurse in a nursing home, I can't even begin to tell you how much I need this.  I look forward to coming here and learning from you more than you can ever imagine.  
Terry Burke

What's On The Inside?

Here's a sampling of just a few of the techniques and projects you will learn

There has never been a better time to learn how to paint. 


It's one thing to watch a YouTube video, but it's another thing to actually be able to speak to me, ask me questions, show me your work, and get feedback to help you move along. I practically come through the screen and hold your hand!


Picture this for a minute...

You come across a stumbling block as you try to paint, or just can't figure something out.  Instead of aimlessly scouring the internet, you can send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE, e-mail me, and/or attend a LIVE Q&A where I will walk you through the solution step by step!


Just plain and simple support.  From me, Debbie Viola, whose mission is to help you succeed.

Ready to stop struggling with painting in acrylics once and for all?

Remember everything above is included for just one low monthly fee of $27/mo and you can cancel at any time with ZERO hassles!

 What are you waiting for? The time to thrive in your creative journey is NOW!

Only $27/mo USD
That's Less Than A Dollar A Day!


Meet Your Instructor

Debbie Viola

Artist and Painting Instructor

Hello, and welcome. I'm Debbie Viola, founder of Learn to Paint Painting Club and lover of all things creative.  I began painting 22 years ago and fell so in love with it that it led me to quit my 23-year New York City corporate career after 9/11/01.  I quickly turned my newfound hobby into a thriving art and decorative painting business that I still run today. Art has completely transformed my life, and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing I’ve helped others through my art.  

 I’ve become humbled by how many thank me for keeping them calm, giving them a respite from their anxiety, and offering them something to look forward to that helps with current social isolation.  Our 94 and 98 year-old moms live with us, and trust me, painting brings me the comfort that I need to unwind at the end of a stressful day.  Painting also becomes a family event; many times I show them some simple flowers, and at other times my 8 year-old granddaughter actually paints with them.  One of our Painting Club ladies does a Zoom call with her granddaughter that lives far away, and they paint together.  How cool is that?!!

With everything going on in the world, I feel like I am being called to share my gift with you. I have a passion for teaching you how to paint or improve your skill.  I know that you may feel overwhelmed by how to go about it, and may not even know where to begin.  I'm here to tell you that you can end your search right now.  

Think of me as your personal artist in your pocket...always there when you need me, whether you're just starting out, or spreading your creative wings and wanting to learn different things.  

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!